The facilities and programs at Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge are ever evolving and a process that is of vision and great excitement for the Leadership Team.  Last summer’s stunning fields and courts, waterfront, and mess hall were breathtaking in both appearance and functionality – many of these projects came to life after several years of dreaming and developing.  The dreams continue to make it from our hearts, minds, and blueprints into reality as our maintenance team and contractors are already hard at work building the new 2015 facilities.  

In an ever-changing world, Camps Equinunk & Blue Ridge continue to be on the cutting edge of camp safety protocol, preparedness and response.  In recent years we have built storm shelters into new facilities, run their power supply below ground, and connected new infrastructure to back-up generators.  One of our major facility developments this year will focus on burying many of the overhead power lines that run through campus (susceptible to downed branches and trees) and installing additional propane generators throughout campus to keep all of our critical infrastructures online during a power outage – much of our recent construction on shelters, water wells, septic systems, and the CE mess hall are already online with back-up generators.  So while we hope to never have the need for this infrastructure, we plan for all scenarios and build accordingly.  

The Ridge at CBR took the excitement for dance and cheer to a whole new level.  While the outdoor Dance Pavilion has been a wonderful facility for us over many years, once housing gymnastics, we will be replacing it this year with a gorgeous open air timber pavilion.  In addition to supporting our growing dance and cheer programs, this versatile facility will continue to hold our JC Training Lunches and special events.  Speaking of gymnastics, our CBR campers will (back)flip over the Gymnastics Center’s expansion this summer.  The new wing will feature a foam pit, below grade tumble track, and trampolines.  

The Camp Equinunk Hobby Center offers terrific balance in our boys’ program.  Creativity, imagination and even some physics come into play during the many activities offered at the Hobby Center.  We want out campers to be inspired by the instructors, each other, and the facility to pursue their current interests and developing passions.  This summer campers will return to a beautifully renovated facility with a new space for Mad Science and Legos, as well as an exceptional demonstration kitchen to support the ever popular Cooking Program.  Triple the size of the existing space, we will be able to significantly increase the frequency and quality of the cooking experience at Equinunk, and like CBR we look forward to welcoming local gourmet chefs to work with our children in addition to our full time culinary team. 

At Equinunk, we have one more major facility already under construction.  In fact Scott just returned from camp last week after meeting with our caretaker Jeff White, surveyors, contractors and landscaper on the next stages of this facility.  Until the final plans are delivered and approved by the building inspector we do not want to say too much other than this new facility will greatly enhance instructional and game play in one of our team sports – and you can be sure it will quickly become a College Game Day highlight.  

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a mild winter and we will be sure to post plenty of  pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram throughout the winter and spring.